Sunday, October 31, 2010

League of Legends

I've been meaning to post about this League of Legends for awhile now, but I'm caught in a cycle of not obtaining footage.  I realize I have no footage, so I go to play it and get some, but then I get caught up in playing the game causing me to forget to grab footage.  So, anyhow, here's my random footage-less babble about League of Legends

Even though I'm making my way through my game collection, I'm still playing LoL on the side as my competetive outlet.  I usually squeeze in a few matches every week.  It's updated regularly and new champions keep it fresh, so I'll probably be playing it for awhile.  My completion status for the game is going to be to reach level 30.

The game is a direct derivative of DOTA, created by one of the guys who created DOTA.  It's free-to-play and there is no in-game advantage to spending cash on it (actually, there is a very every so slight meta-game advantage, but nothing to get your knickers in a knot about).  The only thing exclusive to real-money users, is they can purchase aesthetic skins for their characters.  It's kind of surprising that art is their money maker when the game is designed to run on a wide variety of systems (read: a cardboard box passing as a desktop computer).  Still the character artists are amazing and it's easy to see how they can make a few bucks off each of their players each month.

If you're interested in playing, or already do, be sure to add me (PureKnickers) on the in game friends list.  Also, help a man (me) get free shit and sign up here.

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