Tuesday, July 12, 2011

League of Legends Complete

A couple of months ago during a gaming session (likely while we were getting our ass handed to us by Shiva), ImilTheWinged mentioned that he still played  League of Legends. I introduced him to the game last Spring (my referral list proves it) and he's been playing since. He's also been playing regularly with a few of his friends.

LoL, best with friends.
I decided to fire LoL back up to try playing with a regular crew. Wow, I've rarely had this much fun playing a game. I haven't had the chance to play any game with the same people regularly in a long time. Playing Perfect Dark 64 back in the junior high school days or smashing demons in Diablo 2 with Steve-O were the closest I'd come to regular play with friends.

Hitting 30 feels something like this.
So, with thanks to ImiltheWinged, DavidTo, BelgarionX and Archwing I have reached level 30 in League of Legends. That does not mean I won't continue to play the game. I'm still going to play it quite regularly while beating the other parts of my collection.

Oh, and shameless referral plug if you want to try out the game.