Tuesday, May 22, 2012

False Nerevarines: Sanami Vibato

Sanami Vibato was a sharp Elf, but not sharp enough for the Morag Tong

Before her end, she got her foot wet and expelled from House Hlallu. She cleared the trivial entry tasks with smooth talking and a touch of her natural wit. Unfortunately she didn't realize she was ripping off a fellow house member while trying to help a cheap-ass Redoran smith in Vivec (really...a fire bite axe?). She went to the stars disgraced from what little family she knew.

After slaying two Dark Brothers with little hassle she felt she could handle the responsibility of the Morag Tong. Alas, Feruren Oran, her initiation contract was not a freebie.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

False Nerevarines: Dasselle Swinym

Daselle managed to visit Balmora and wet her foot in the business of House Hlallu.

She made the error of returning to Seyda Neen with intentions of exterminating a nearby bandit camp. Unfortunately, one of the bandits was aware of the Altmer weakness to magicka and crisped her to sweet delicious bacon.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

False Nerevarines: Dashee-Lam-Ak

Dashee-Lam-Ak, a religious Argonian, fell to the most hated of Vvardenfell's monsters.

After delivering Penemic the not-so-honest trader to Gnaar Mok, Dashee was chased by a Brotherhood Assassin. While outrunning the assassin, a wild cliff racer decided to intervene. The swift glide of the racer was no match for Dashee.

One less job for the Temple's hunters.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

False Nerevarine: Kale Lovesword

Kale 'Lover' Lovesword was a promising Redguard Knight.

Mocked on boats for being armour clad, he was an odd Redoran for preferring stable ground.

While in Morrowind, he served and thrived in the Imperial Legion, the Fighter's Guild and House Redoran.

He met his demise at Fort Firemoth while hunting for the Ward of Akavir.

After crushing hundreds of undead skeletons, Kale Lovesword was cast down by the lightning of a powerful lich.