Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's a-Me, Mario!

Ya, I saved me a princess, and she baked me a cake.

See that Copyright year? Yaaaa....
Super Mario 64 was a good time.  It was a nice mix of thinking, platforming and exploring. I also appreciated how easy it was to pick up the game without feeling lost. While the game is single player, the lady also enjoyed sitting down and being an extra brain and set of eyes.

It was def cool to go back and run around one of the original 3D platformers. I have to give them credit. They do some things in a 3D environment that modern games lack. Many games that are 3D are still trapped in a 2D design, whereas the Super Mario 64 team exploited every bit of that third dimension they could. If you have chance to play this game, just note how each zone is almost always as high as it is wide.

Now that the princess has given me a kiss and cake, I've decided to annihilate the FBI.