Monday, May 23, 2011

Magicka Complete

I'm actually about a week late on posting this, but I completed Magicka and its DLC packages.

Rainbow Making
The Magicka spell system impressed me. After all the glorious applications of spell combos, other RPGesque spells seem so tame.  I feel trapped with only using a single spell in Champions of Norrath (I want to link to the Sony page here...but it's down).  I do hope more studios incorporate combination spell casting in to their games. In fact, they could use the idea and expand it to other combat types.

I also thought Arrowhead did a good job by not taking their game too seriously.  They referenced everything from SkiFree, 300, Highlander to Chuck Norris.  They were even comfortable enough to mock themselves by creating a "Crash to Desktop" spell that humourosly added lines like "Goblin Archer has disconnected from the game."

I look forward to what Arrowhead pumps out next.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Magicka: Another AoE Interlude

After chatting with ImiltheWinged on his previous visit, I was convinced to pick up a copy of Magicka and it's assortment of DLC, including the ridiculous Magicka:Vietnam.

Fortunately, like Limbo, Magicka is a great game.  The controls feel right, the game's length is appropriate and most importantly, the concept is focused.  There's no meddling with inventory, there are no (save one) side quests, and there is limited character progression.  The game feels fantastically arcade like.  This doesn't mean there isn't content, the content is in the actual levels and combat opposed to long-term mechanics.

Magicka is about dousing things in water and then applying electricity.
The game's achievements look doable and entertaining, so I plan to tackle them all before putting it down and returning to Eurasian history.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Streets of Rage 3 Hurts

ImiltheWinged came by last weekend in attempt to finish Streets of Rage 3.  We failed miserably.  We even tried to cheat using level select to the furthest point we reached, but still died.

Thanks to Shiva (see picture), we were slaughtered.  This guy has cross screen tracking attacks, blocks combos, breaks throws, has 5 life bars and beats up kids on rollerblades and kangaroos.  He just hurts. I'm going to have to practice playing this game just to feel comfortable attempting to tackle Shiva.

Anyhow, we put SoR3 down and started giving Gain Ground a whirl.

Ya, it goes something like that...