Saturday, April 23, 2011

AoE2 AoK Complete

I thought AoE1 took me a long time to complete, but AoE2 took even longer.  At least AoE2 entertained me.  Still, finding time to beat a 2 hour map is tough. Let alone finding time to beat 30 of them!

Joan d'Arc
All of the campaigns were lots of fun, with very few lulls. I did accidentally make a few of the missions boring by killing everything rather than doing the objective. The idea behind that was I was expecting the following objective to require some hardcore defending, but it turned out I just needed to do the one thing and I was done *shrug*

I <3 Mamelukes
I'm looking forward to AoC because the New World civs are awesome and because I don't know much about El Cid or the extraordinarily interesting history of Spain. Onwards!

Friday, April 15, 2011

First Full Achievement Game!!!

After four play-throughs and some practice runs on the tougher segments, I completed the No Point in Dying achievement. I actually managed to die only twice.  Both of the deaths were on easier parts, which was kind of odd.

I completed all but one of the hidden egg achievements without the help of a guide.  Apparently there are some super hidden easter eggs, but there's no way in hell I would have found those without a youtube guide. Anyhow, after finding the last egg with the help of a walkthrough, Limbo became my first full completed achievement game.

Now back to uniting the disjointed tribes of Germany...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Short Distraction

I'm taking a short break from Age of Empires to play Limbo. The lady picked it out for me as a birthday gift. I won't lie, I'm astounding by her ability to choose such an appropriate game. As I said to her, "It's like I walked into a clothing store and picked out an article you liked and perfectly fit you."

I beat it in one sitting and that seems to be the perfect length. I'm now working on unlocking the achievements, which include finding hidden areas and a masochist don't-die-too-much play-through.

The puzzles are excellent. The difficult ones are challenging without being cheap (read: no pixel hunting or vague object uses).  I really dig the "AHA!" moments when I figure out how to solve a puzzle.

The girlfriend also enjoyed watching my repeated failures that resulted in gruesome deaths (death by crushing, then chopped up by a buzzsaw and pushed in to a pit). I also laughed a fair bit as I discovered the various forms of dying.

Anyhow, just a short diversion until I'm back uniting Germany as Barbarossa.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Golden Axe 3 and Some Play-through-collection Changes


So once again thanks to ImiltheWinged, another game has been knocked off the list. In what I must say was a smooth run, we drop-kicked and pounced our way to the Golden Axe.

Streets of Rage 3 still murdered us though.  Apparently the Western localization is much harder. In the Eastern version, only the enemies health increases with harder difficulties, but in the Western version, the enemies attack power also increases (thanks Alex Sargeant). I have some faith we'll retrack Mr.X next time.

I've also made a slight adjustment to my game completion plan.

I've decided picking up new games is okay between beating old series. There are some sequals that came out from series I've already covered while clearing my pile of shame (Sonic 4) and some new IPs that I can't wait a decade to try (Magicka, Limbo). I'll still wait to pick up new games based on old series I haven't gotten to yet. I may also play some free games that can be found online. The catch is of course that any new game I pick up or try out, I promise to myself I will see it to completion.