Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All 300 and 1 of 'em

What to do you when you can't decide what game to play, can't afford new games and hardware and have 301 games?  That's right, you beat them all.

 Assuming I didn't miss any, my collection is 301 strong. I'm not sure whether I'm proud or embarassed.  Anyhow, the goal is to complete all of them.  Many I have beat before, but many more I have never seen to completion. While I'll deal with the details of completion criteria as each game comes up, generally it means experiencing the entire story campaign.  No handicaps, no cheats, new saves (twinking will be allowed), aesthetic mods, normal difficulty (with some exceptions), series are played in order and I'll hopefully have a friend where co-op is available.

Using a random number generator I'll select 10 games to go up on a voting poll hosted on this blog. Feel free to vote for as many games as you please. I'll choose from the top 3 scores based on my preference once I've completed a game or its series. Once a game is chosen, I'll take it off the poll and replace it with a new one, other games' scores still intact.  Hopefully, this method will help me spread out the different genres, the good, the bad and year of production, to keep everything fresh.

So, please vote on whatever basis you may.  If you simply intend to see me suffer by playing the most horrific game that is listed, that's totally acceptable.

Ya, this is going to take a couple of years.

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