Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WoW: Water Quest

The water totem quest for the Shaman is a traditional go-here-fetch-that quest line.  Previously, these quests would seem like a pain in the ass, but this time around I find them quite fun.  This one was particularly fun because it brought me to two of my favourite locales and coincided with a current topic of interest of mine, water (read Dune and then National Geographic's Water edition and you'll undestand).

One leg of the quest brought me to Tarren Mill, which meant I had to pass through the ever so spooky Silverpine forest.  I just love all the hidden nooks and art pieces in this forest.  The lore behind this region is also some of the more interesting.  I really should create an Undead toon just to play this section to its fullest.

I kind of like how this quest put emphasis on a detail that I've otherwise never really noticed.  The well in Tarren Mill never seemed like anything special, but now it has a special meaning.

The other major locale the quest brought me through was Ashenvale.  There is just something awesome about a slightly corrupted, Asian inspired, purple forest.  This place also brings back some of my fondest PvP memories from pre-battleground times.

The one odd thing about this quest is that it brings Shamans through a coastal section that looks unfinished.

This bit of coast lacks aesthetics compared to the amazing detail of the rest of Silverpine.  I know that it still has some detail, but compared to the rest of the game it seems like the placement artists just forgot about a spot.  At least they made it up with a cool pirate ship nearby.

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