Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WoW: Stockades, Gnomeragan, and BFD

I completed a whole bunch of instance runs over a couple of days.  They were all short runs, since the Stockades are a mini-instance, I joined the BFD run half completed again and the standard route for Gnomeragan to Mekgineer Thermaplug is short.

Most of the groups were fairly impersonal as the runs were so short.  In fact, if they were like me they wanted to cry every time Stockades came up.  This is a bad instance.  It's just 20 minutes of the same looking mobs and the same looking setting doing the same basic melee attacks.  Even the bosses are just named melee mobs.  If you're not paying attention, you would think they were regular mobs.  Thank you, Tankerl, Carakmine, Obilette, Uchihastorck, Kelseth, Armoredp, Veliarra, Regenerating, Zalindor, Artemis, Malailma and Klynkz for the Stockade runs. Ya, I did that many runs, and more.

Gnomeragan is one of the more complex classic instances.  Sadly, all of the groups I joined just wanted to bee line for the boss.  There really isn't much incentive to do the wings of it.  Nevertheless, thank you Zalindor (again), Valoria, Doubledice and Rexeral (all above) for the run that I actually did start to finish.

Finally, a quick shout out to Lightbrngr, Gallissa, Whoopuazz and Moomoodrood for another run of BFD.  Sadly, all the group photos kind of failed.  I missed Ghamoo'ra again, but I still got to enjoy the latter part of the instance with these peeps.

On a final note, I did not do Shadowfang Keep before it disappeared as an option on the Dungeon Finder.  I still have yellow quests for this place.  I probably should pop over to the suggestion forums to fix some of the odd instance level requirements.  The currently seem to be +/- 5 the lowest mob level, whereas I think they should be +/- the highest mob level.  Anyhow, small quirk that I can deal with.

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