Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WoW: Guilds

When I joined Azeroth yet again, I hadn't even put any thought into whether I wanted to join a guild or go solo.  That was true until I got a random invite to Gumbie's Finest.  During the dawn of WoW random guild invites were considered as annoying as gold beggars.  Many people joined a guild of other solo artists just to stop the annoying random invites.  Now, however, many are just openly solo and few guilds remain that want to randomly invite.

Anyhow, I actually took up the random invite on a whim.  I was actually surprised at how kind and civilized it was for a guild that was built up over the previous week from random invites.  The guild master, Jaxmancrit, was well to do and many of the others were chill.  Unfortunately for Jaxmancrit, his trust was being abused by people joining the guild and taking stuff from the overly open guild bank.  I have a feeling the guild will last for a few months, but will likely waver due to that fact it was built by strangers that are unlikely to have similar guild goals.

I stuck with Gumbie's Finest until I did a run through Blackfathom Deeps with a druid named Moomoodrood.  Apparently he though my antics were pretty entertaining and invited me to a established fairly social oriented guild, Inner Sanctum.  I've just been in there for a couple sessions, so I don't really know the peeps yet.  However, through conversations with Moomoo, it looks like this guild matches my ideal guild. They also get a bonus for have a nice cozy tabard (above).

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