Saturday, May 8, 2010

WoW: Blackfathom Deeps

I joined a partially cleared run of Blackfathom Deeps.  Sadly, they had already killed Ghamoo-Ra, the giantest turtle ever.

Blackfathom is one of my favourite classic dungeons.  During the initial launch, it's water laden design caused many bugs and sources of grief.  On top of that, the dungeon entrance was one of the most remote and hidden.  So, at that time, overcoming all of these unintended obstacles felt like a real triumph, because many others were diverted by the frustrations and never did complete the instance in its entirety.

While this crew was polite, they were initially eerily quiet.  They neither spoke or emoted.  It actually took me some probing to get them to speak.  Finally the priest admitted that she was new to her role and did not want to lose her concentration lest the group fall.  Her dedication paid off, she was the smoothest healer since my return to Warcraft. Siol, I tip my horns to you.

I had some initial troubles keeping track of the tank, as she was the most scantly clad and the other elf, a male, looked identical in the midst of battle.

During an extended mana break, I did what any good tauren would do...hunt.  So what if it the prey was an innocent fish trapped in an underwater cavern that severly lacked any kind of balanced ecosystem (I'm looking at you five giant Ogopogo man-eaters in 100 cubic metres of water).

This troupe may have been quiet, but, as I said, they were polite and agreed to pose for a picture.  Thank you, Rekked, Eatmore, Siol and Truble for an extraordinarly efficient and death-free run.

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