Thursday, November 18, 2010

Diablo 2: Smacked down by Duriel

So Knixia received her first half a dozen deaths courtesty of Duriel.

The video shows what my final strategy looked like.  It only failed me the one time shown. Still, it took me a few deaths to realize that trying to use firewall down there was futile, if not suicide.

Duriel is similar to the Butcher of Diablo 1.  They are both the first enemy that smacks you across the face and puts you in your place.  They're also both high damage stun locking melee bosses that punish you if you're not prepared.  Duriel may even be a touch worse than the Butcher because you fight him in an even more confined space and he has an unavoidable frozen aura.  Also, if you have a crappy comp, you might be dead before the pit actually loads up!  Either way, they are both likely administrators of your first deaths.


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