Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diablo 2: The Dark Wanderer

Knixia, the sorceress, is coming along quite well.

I'm playing through at a much slower pace than normal. I've only just reached Jehryn's palace, which is what I used to be able to easily reach in two play throughs.  I'm actually finding the game easier not using the run function gratuiously.  After playing Diablo 1, I guess I just got used to walking and I find the slower pace makes battles more strategic.  I've only used in battle a couple times, including this fight against Blood Raven.

My luck with items has been pretty poor.  I've only picked up Shadowfang for uniques and no set pieces.  Normally I've found 2 arctic horns or 2 arctic furs by now.  At least I've somehow managed to make a perfect topaz which will help with magic finding.

Gheed, my only source of phat lewt.
I thought the gore in Diablo 1 was much more graphic than it's successor, but it seems if I look for it, it's there.  All the extra environmental details of Diablo 2 just hide it better.

Another fun find was what is apparently the bayeux tapestry on a wall in the monastery.

It's a funny comic strip about a silly king, or something like that...
Anyhow, that's the first bit of the adventure, I'm gonna head to the kitchen to make a sammich now.

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