Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diablo 2: The Hunt Begins

It's time for the next stage of Diablo!

I'm pretty stoked about playing through this game.  It's easily one of the top 5 games for time I've spent playing.  I've tried dozens of characters and tons of builds.  The hardcore option in this game makes for some truly unforgettable moments.  Just ask Steve-O, my previous hellspawn slaying comrade.

The goal is to complete all the quests from normal through hell difficulty (on non-harcore setting).  As outlined in my original plan for Diablo 1, I don't want to be playing with others that offer too much help (waypoints, power-levelling, etc.).  Also, I'll keep my level and the game name/pass posted on the side bar of this blog.  Please, it would be awesome to have some demon slaying company.

Once again, I've used a random number generator to choose my toon.  This time I'll be rolling with a...

I'll probably go with some sort of meteor and glacial bolt build. Freeze em and nuke em!

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  1. Are you really going through all your old games... lol...