Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Short Distraction

I'm taking a short break from Age of Empires to play Limbo. The lady picked it out for me as a birthday gift. I won't lie, I'm astounding by her ability to choose such an appropriate game. As I said to her, "It's like I walked into a clothing store and picked out an article you liked and perfectly fit you."

I beat it in one sitting and that seems to be the perfect length. I'm now working on unlocking the achievements, which include finding hidden areas and a masochist don't-die-too-much play-through.

The puzzles are excellent. The difficult ones are challenging without being cheap (read: no pixel hunting or vague object uses).  I really dig the "AHA!" moments when I figure out how to solve a puzzle.

The girlfriend also enjoyed watching my repeated failures that resulted in gruesome deaths (death by crushing, then chopped up by a buzzsaw and pushed in to a pit). I also laughed a fair bit as I discovered the various forms of dying.

Anyhow, just a short diversion until I'm back uniting Germany as Barbarossa.

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