Saturday, April 23, 2011

AoE2 AoK Complete

I thought AoE1 took me a long time to complete, but AoE2 took even longer.  At least AoE2 entertained me.  Still, finding time to beat a 2 hour map is tough. Let alone finding time to beat 30 of them!

Joan d'Arc
All of the campaigns were lots of fun, with very few lulls. I did accidentally make a few of the missions boring by killing everything rather than doing the objective. The idea behind that was I was expecting the following objective to require some hardcore defending, but it turned out I just needed to do the one thing and I was done *shrug*

I <3 Mamelukes
I'm looking forward to AoC because the New World civs are awesome and because I don't know much about El Cid or the extraordinarily interesting history of Spain. Onwards!

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