Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dwarf Fortress: Mubunzuntir 112

5th Limestone, 112, Early Autumn.

Welcome to my dwarves town of Mubunzuntir (that's 'Practiced Anvils' in dwarvish, for you scrubs). Population: 82.

"Holy crap those graphics are bad!" is what you're thinking. Yes, and this is with a graphics pack. Even then DF uses such low end graphical capabilities that I couldn't use FRAPs to catch screenshots.

This fort's layout was designed with the concept of vertical output stations. Each level has one or a couple related outputs. Unless long term storage is needed, an output from a certain level is brought directly to it's dependent workshop's stockpile on a different level.

Surface. This is the most recent addition to the fort. And what an addition it was! It features an outer wall lined with fortifications and ditches. These wealls are dotted with four draw bridges and a couple hundred traps to keep invaders uninvasive. The siege engines are so far more just showy than practical. For industry, the surface contains farms, beehives, a freshwater well and a place to dump all those useless rotting things.

Subterranean Farm
Underground Farm.  The underground farm contains a seed pile and a farm for each subterranean crop.

Under gate.

Undergate. This level was the original first line of defense against surface invasion, but is now the backup retreat station. It features a retracting bridge over a pit of spikes, a jail, military training and a danger room (a place to throw stripped-down invaders for military "practice"). Note: lots of blood here.

Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen and Dining. This level contains all food output industries and consumption headquarters. Fish dissection, butchery, brewing and cooking are all completed. Beehive and rock nut processing are undergoing sections.

Wood and Stone Furniture

Wood and Stone Furniture. This is the beginning of the industrious floors.The wood and stone furniture are currently the bread and butter of the fortresses expansion. This level may become obsolete once magma is found and metal becomes the primary material.


Barracks.  The barracks is a slowly expanding level featuring wings of 10 bedrooms. Expansion may continue on another floor or on subwings on this floors.


Tomb. The tomb is an extraordinarily anti-tantrum-spiral area. I've got to make sure to be one row of tombs ahead of capacity to prevent serious dwarf-on-dwarf carnage during the next goblin siege.

Sellable Goods. This level includes the cloth and crafting industry. Both of these provide base work to be later pimped out and sold.

Soap.  I need clean dwarves, y'know?

Furnace. This is where the burning and melting of stuff happens. It's hot in here.

Armory. The metal and leather industry are located on this level. Generally speaking, it's about equipping the squads. Metal furniture is also included on this level.

Glass. This level is relatively useless as the dwarves don't have access to sand. It was only built to allow a dwarf in a strange mood to satisfy his glassy needs.

Siege Supplies.  Catapults, ballistas and ammo.

Kiln and Pit. This here is one of my favourite levels. It has the pit of "I can't butcher you and I can't be bothered to get my squad to kill you, but I really need the cage you're in now!".

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