Thursday, September 6, 2012


I dusted off the Genesis and popped in NBA Jam last week. To my girlfriend's boredom, I played a few matches a night to finish it within the week.

This game evokes a gleeful childhood (like back when I was a legit baller) memory for me. I think I traded games with my brother's brother (I know) for a week and got NBA Jam. I was totally in love with the over the top dunkage and my jaw dropped every time I found a new dunk animation. NBA Jam still evokes me with a lot of excitement with it's complete ridiculousness. I get giddy every time I see a quadruple flip dunk, wind down the clock in a close match or start a match as Bill 'Mo' F'ing' Clinton.. The style of the game holds a dear place in my heart.

Guess who Washington picked up.
One great thing about playing an old sports title is that you're reminded of the great players of the time. After beating all the teams, I looked up some of my old favourites and a few of the names I didn't recognize. Realizing that the 'Edwards' on the Buck was Blue Edwards made me happy inside. (He was one of my favourite Vancouver Grizzliies players). It's also amazing how my favourites seriously influenced which teams I played as. It wasn't until I really looked at stats that I switched from Utah's Stockton-Malone combo to the even more effective Orlando Andrews-whatshisname 2 hit punch.

Well that's my NBA Jam ramble. For console fun (and to my lady's entertainment) I'll be switching to the Assassin's Creed series. (Seriously, I saw AC3 at PAX and I forsee gooooood times).

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