Monday, May 23, 2011

Magicka Complete

I'm actually about a week late on posting this, but I completed Magicka and its DLC packages.

Rainbow Making
The Magicka spell system impressed me. After all the glorious applications of spell combos, other RPGesque spells seem so tame.  I feel trapped with only using a single spell in Champions of Norrath (I want to link to the Sony page here...but it's down).  I do hope more studios incorporate combination spell casting in to their games. In fact, they could use the idea and expand it to other combat types.

I also thought Arrowhead did a good job by not taking their game too seriously.  They referenced everything from SkiFree, 300, Highlander to Chuck Norris.  They were even comfortable enough to mock themselves by creating a "Crash to Desktop" spell that humourosly added lines like "Goblin Archer has disconnected from the game."

I look forward to what Arrowhead pumps out next.

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