Sunday, May 8, 2011

Magicka: Another AoE Interlude

After chatting with ImiltheWinged on his previous visit, I was convinced to pick up a copy of Magicka and it's assortment of DLC, including the ridiculous Magicka:Vietnam.

Fortunately, like Limbo, Magicka is a great game.  The controls feel right, the game's length is appropriate and most importantly, the concept is focused.  There's no meddling with inventory, there are no (save one) side quests, and there is limited character progression.  The game feels fantastically arcade like.  This doesn't mean there isn't content, the content is in the actual levels and combat opposed to long-term mechanics.

Magicka is about dousing things in water and then applying electricity.
The game's achievements look doable and entertaining, so I plan to tackle them all before putting it down and returning to Eurasian history.

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