Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shinobi Down, On to...

Hiya!  I finished up Shinobi 3 this morning.  Sadly, the PC version of Shinobi 2 had some technical problems.  So, the Shinobi series is finished for now.

Why Shinobi is awesome.

I'm pretty happy I played Shinobi.  It's a wicked game that I somehow missed out on as a kid.  I'm going to miss infinite wall jumping from all these other games.  There was something just inheritently satisfying about bouncing from wall to wall.  While not every last detail was awesome about this game, it's an extraordinary platformer.

Anyhow, there was a three-way tie on the poll between the Age of Empires series, Warcraft Series and NWO/WCW.  I've decided to go with the AoE series.

This includes AoE1 series, AoE2 series, Age of Mythology series and AoE3 series.  I'm pretty sure I'll be sick of empire crushing by the end of this.

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