Sunday, April 8, 2012


After finishing up Orcs Must Die! I swung over to the short but sweet Machinarium. Machinarium is indie developed adventuring pixel hunter. I've wanted to pick it up since I read about it in Indie Game Magazine a couple of years ago, but kept forgetting about it except when I was poor or involved with other games.

I felt satisfied with most of the puzzles and thoroughly enjoyed the aesthetic and dramatic aspects of the game. Laying some bully beat down was my major drive throughout.  I don't want to give put up too many screenies lest I give away the primary rewards of the game (and I'm lazy).

Getting these muchachos grooving  produces sweet sweet music.
Anyhow, I was in the middle of Morrowind, but my 3D card decided to burn out. I can't afford to fix it at the moment, so I'm just doing some mild flirtation with Halo.

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