Saturday, October 29, 2011

Age of Empires 2: Age of Conquerors Finally Complete

With the sunshine gone and the darker days arriving, I've had more reason to stay inside and play them videa mahgames. So, I finally completed AoC. I started playing through it in April. At this rate, I'll never finish my game collection in my life time!

I'll be under a tombstone before I finish my collection.
Like the earlier AoE games, the campaigns too often relied on the pattern of surviving a first wave attack, rebuilding and then overcoming the stacked AI team.  While that was true for the campaigns, the mishmash 'Battles of the Conquerers' scenarios were more entertaining. These maps were generally faster paced and had more interesting objectives. Still, all the world history tied into each map, made for some wikipedia romps.

Needs more horse.
I'm taking a short break from the AoE series to try at some interesting new franchises that came out over the summer.

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