Sunday, February 13, 2011

All Games Should Have Knee Presses and Drop Kicks

ImiltheWinged swung by to try and finish off the Streets of Rage series and put a dent in the Golden Axe trilogy.

Welcome to the 80's
We managed to beat the first two Golden Axe games, but didn't technically finish SoR3 or finish GA3.  We beat Streets of Rage 3 on Easy (because it's actually pretty damn tough), but Easy mode leaves out the final two stages. We just died a stage short on our dry run of GA3. We'll go back and finish both soon.

I would just like to say the Golden Axe series is much more fun than you'd expect.  The first two are pretty sweet in their own right.  The third one is amazing because there is a guy who looks like the Ultimate Warrior that performs absurd knee presses and drop kicks (see 3:13 in this video). 

A Fair Comparison I think
Just imagine drop kicks and knee presses in other games like Call of Duty, Diablo or Minecraft!  I promise that any game that I have control over will include at least one of these timeless attacks.

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